Our test software typically saves everything to a database. This makes it easy to understand how your products are built.

The types of things we typically capture include;

The length of time to build the whole unit.Is the operator having difficulty with the overall build?
The time for each part of the build.Is the operator having difficulties with a specific part of the build or are they pausing the build when they shouldn’t
The fail rate per operator.Are some operators having difficulty, with the build? Is there a training need?
Digital, voltage, current, temperature, waveform etc. measurementsGet all the process information you need to reduce costs and increase reliability.
Machine visionCheck automatically using a camera that the unit has been correctly assembled. The test system will flag visual failures. Check that the final build includes everything in the customer pack.
BarcodesAssign barcodes to units. LASER engrave directly onto the product or use a sticker.

We can also integrate suppliers’ databases into our test system by capturing batch numbers of parts supplied by suppliers.

Why do this?

  • By understanding how the units are performing in manufacturing, you can calculate the exact manufacturing yield.
  • You can also understand how close to the limit your product is performing. Maybe the next batch of components may cause your product to fail, how close are you to the limits?
  • You can do advanced analytics using test data from manufacturing and from failed units to predict which units might fail in manufacturing – before they leave the factory floor. Identify potential failures before the failure mechanism is even understood!
  • Get the full picture on the performance of your manufacturing operations. Where are the failures happing and with which operators.
  • If you find in 5 years that certain units are failing in the field, you can check back to the manufacturing data and get an understanding of what the cause may be; for example, a faulty batch of components, faulty materials.
  • Recall only the products that you need to. With true knowledge of what the failure is and good traceability, you can recall only the units that are effected, saving significant costs.
  • There are many, many reasons to capture test data robustly. Contact us to learn more.