Racks of test equipment  

Cost of test equipment

Test equipment can be very expensive. We can automate your existing equipment to save you from purchasing additional equipment (your equipment should have an LXI or serial port). We can also come to you and automate your equipment.

Don’t waste time doing the same thing!

If you also find yourself doing the same things over and over again with your test equipment, we may be able to create a script to automate these tasks. This will save you time and reduce the potential for human error. For example, pre-compliance testing requires the same batch of measurements to be done again and again. We can automate the process so you “click and forget” while your test equipment does all the work.

Reduce costs, rent don’t buy

If you don’t have the required test equipment, why spend a lot of money
buying equipment that might only be used for a manufacturing run of a few
weeks? We can supply test equipment for rent reducing the overall cost of
manufacturing test development.