When most people think of analytics, they think of some form of data analysis that creates actionable insight into a product or system.

Analytics in manufacturing is mostly used for process management and product improvement. We have great solutions for process management, contact us for more information.

Analytics can also be a really powerful tool in manufacturing test. For example, consider a complex product;

  • This product is released into the field in the tens of thousands of units.
  • After a few months, a large number of units are returned, all with disparate failures.
  • Your engineering team is having difficulty tracking down the specific failure since the returned units all seem to have different types of failures.
  • Using AI, the returned units can be retested. The test data can be used to train an algorithm to identify units already in the field that might fail.
  • This trained AI algorithm will help your engineering team to understand the interaction of the failed units with the end user, the operator who assembled each product, the distribution company that shipped the items etc, etc.  This gives your company a new more powerful way to proactively manage customer support.