Light field lens

Pubble Hill is currently refining a technique to manufacture low cost micro lens arrays.

Standard industry turn-around times for delivery of a prototype micro lens array is normally about 3 weeks. Pubble Hill has developed a process to smash this time and deliver much faster.

Watch this space to find out more….




What are micro lens arrays?

Micro lens arrays are essentially a thin sheet of plastic with lots of lenslets. One typical array we manufactured has approzimately 27000 lenslets on a sheet of plastic 1cm squared.

Micro lens arrays are a key component in future holographic and 3D displays as well as plenoptic cameras.

What are the advantages of Pubble Hills manufacturing process?

  • Lower setup cost to manufacture bespoke lens arrays. We can design and build custom lenses faster than anyone else.
  • Lower cost per lens array. Because the manufacturing development and setup cost is much lower, the end price you pay for each lens is now accessible. Now your business can take advantage of light-field technology at an affordable cost.
  • We can scale up manufacturing for any specific lens to meet your high volume requirements.