Light field lens

Pubble Hill is currently refining a technique to manufacture low cost light-field camera lenses.

While the industry focus has been to develop lenslet arrays for mounting directly on an image sensor, Pubble Hill is creating low cost light-field lenses to mount within a lens assembly or to mount directly on an image sensor.

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What is a light-field lens?

If you don’t know what a light-field lens is, it’s essentially a way to make a standard camera see in true 3D. The end product is an array of tiny lenslets, similar to a butterflys compound eyes. The applications for this technology are endless.

Machine vision: Take a 3D picture and digitally measure everything in the image with great accuracy. Automatically ensure manufactured product meets dimensional and other specifications.

Microscopy: Capturing the light field of an image, gives you a much greater dept of field. No need to scan the z axis any more. These optics allow you to see and accurately measure everything you are looking at with true depth through video or still images.

Augmented reality: Since you can now capture the position of everything in a scene in true 3D with your light-field camera, you can also accurately place CG objects within the scene. Make killer augmented reality applications.

Security: Take real 3D images for facial recognition like never before.

Every camera should be light-field capable.

What are the advantages of Pubble Hills manufacturing process?

  • Lower setup cost to manufacture bespoke lenses. We can design and build custom lenses faster than anyone else.
  • Lower cost per lens. Because the manufacturing development and setup cost is much lower, the end price you pay for each lens is now accessible. Now your camera system can take advantage of light-field technology at an affordable cost.
  • We don’t sell a lens to fit your lens assembly or sensor? Don’t worry, because costs are lowered, the cost of making one specially for your system is a lot more accessible.
  • We can scale up manufacturing for any specific lens to meet your volume requirements.
  • Light-field cameras will no longer be specialist cameras. You will be able to buy a lens and fit it to your standard camera to take light-field images.