Automated test

Automated test can range from rough testing to 6 sigma standards depending on requirements. We can work with you to achieve the standard you require.

Automates test using teststandWe have experience developing sophisticated automated test solutions for many different product types, including WiFi modules and critical electro-mechanical systems. For most of our test solutions we use a combination of Labview with Teststand.  We can come to your premises and develop your solution in-house where it is useful.



Automated test rigWe can also design and build your automated test rig to meet your requirements.






Test data management

Handling test data is often a complex task. We have experience developing full component tracing solutions from scratch and can help you do the same. Alternatively depending on your requirements an off-the-shelf solution may suffice. Tracability solutions we have previously created can trace a component in the field to the piece of aluminum it came from. We can develop a solution that can  tell you exactly which operator assembled a part, how long it took to assemble and what the test results were as well as other important field and return information.

We can also use SQL, mySQL or other databases meeting your budget, quality requirements and different use cases.

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