IoT development


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The internet of things has huge potential for the way we live today. Implementing a good IoT solution is however not always trivial.

There are many ways to connect to the cloud

IoT is about connecting devices. This mostly happens through wireless communications. We have seen some IoT developers focus on only the standard communications methodologies that everyone seem to be using.

WiFiLogoThis is not always the best solution. For example when it comes to operating multiple devices at once where lots of devices are competing for wireless bandwidth (802.11x)  it is possible that your IoT device may not get a chance to communicate with the network (the bandwidth is maxed out). We can investigate other communications options that provide the same data resilience as well low power (and sometimes a much smaller footprint) except it will work reliably; regardless of how many WiFi users there are in the building.

We can also help you develop standard Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity for your device if this is the best solution for your applcation.

We can also work with external partners to fully test your product so it meets all appropriate communications standards. Compliance is something that if it is not done correctly could result in an expensive recall. Don’t leave this to chance talk to us about your IoT solution today.

Rapid prototyping

RF moduleIoT proof of concept does not have to be expensive. We can work with you to develop a low cost solution that will prove your concept to your potential investors. We can then evolve this design to a mature, reliable and compliant manufacturable product.