Multidisciplinary engineering services

We can take your idea from concept to prototype to compliant product.

Light-field lenses

Pubble is manufacturing lightfield camera lenses for installation within a lens assembly or for mounting directly on an image sensor.


If you have a data set that you are not using to its full potential, let us know. We also offer bespoke analytics services.

Mechanical engineering

We have in-house a manual lathe and milling machine. We also have a 4 axis (simultaneous) milling machine suitable for machining items approximately 1m square. For other work our partners are ready to help.

Get support fast

Get local expert advice about your project fast.

Prototype development

Be it hardware or software, we can develop your prototype faster and at a lower cost than our compeditors.

Electronic and manufacturing engineering

We have extensive experience developing electronic systems. We can also develop automated test systems and bespoke hardware and software manufacturing systems.

Software development

Andriod, iOS or windows, mobile or desktop, software or firmware; we can do it. Just let us know your requirements and we will do the rest.

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